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Frequent Questions

Who We Are

  • What does the Florence Education Foundation do?

    We connect community resources to classroom needs. If it’s volunteer hours, financial needs, mentoring, etc., we find the need identified by school employees and make every effort to ensure that the need is met.

  • How is money appropriated?

    Once a year, teachers are asked to fill out and submit a grant application. The application is then reviewed by a grant committee made up of community representatives.

    Members review applications and award grants based on need, number of children that will be served, cost to maintain requested grant, and if there is any other way of
    funding the grant in the regular school budget. The members of this committee changes from year to year.

    Sometimes Departments ask for special fundraising events. Those are decided on and planned by the Florence Education Foundation Board.

    Volunteers to assist with these or any fundraisers are always needed and welcomed.

  • Download the application by clicking above.

  • Is the Foundation part of the school system?

    The Foundation operates independently of the local school system. The Florence Education Foundation is guided by a Board of Directors of local residents committed to the educational excellence and the future of our children.

  • Is my deduction tax deductible?

    Yes. The Foundation is a 501 c3 exempt organization, which means your contribution qualifies as a charitable income tax deduction.

  • Putting Fore the Falcons Sponsors
    Putting Fore the Falcons Sponsors
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